This is a translation generated from the Spanish version, which is the only valid version for legal purposes.

Hereby the Terms & Conditions for service offered to the user at WebPress.Club are established.


USER: The person who signs up on web in order to hire services related to design, maintenance and development of Internet related projects.

WEBPRESS.CLUB: A space through which a users group establishes needs and acquires services based on design, maintenance and development of Internet related projects. By hiring services on this website, the USER is directly hiring the services of  Abdiel León (Argentina ID 95.233.502), a resident of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Server Panel: An interface used for controlling files and functionalities within a hosting server, from which a website data and information can be handled.

Private Server: The hosting service and other related services used solely by WEBPRESS.CLUB for hosting and managing files and domain names.

Product: A service hired by the USER, which requires a unique payment.

Subscription Plan: A service hired by the USER, which requires recurring payments and maintenance through time.

Webhosting services and domain names

By hiring services of website hosting and/or domain name, the USER accepts that WEBPRESS.CLUB will administer them internally, within a Private Server. The USER will have access to WordPress back end panel, but WEBPRESS.CLUB  reserves the right to access the Server Panel. The USER can request website and/or domain transfer, as long as he/she requests it 60 days in advance.

If the USER has his/her own hosting and/or domain service before hiring it on this website, WEBPRESS.CLUB may 1) manage it from the Server Panel owned by the USER, for which purpose 1) he/she must either create a separate account to be used by WEBPRESS.CLUB or explicitly authorize the latter for using an existing one, or 2) he/she can have it transferred it to the Private Server upon authorization.

About the Content Management platform

WEBPRESS.CLUB bases its services on Content Management System WordPress. The USER may request the use of other platforms, but WEBPRESS.CLUB reserves the right to grant or deny such requests.

The services provided are limited to the published ones, according to the respective availability of the WordPress plugins with the needed functionalities. WEBPRESS.CLUB has made sure to count with features availability among the more than 45.000 WordPress plugins, before offering the corresponding services. The USER may request specific separate services (including those that may involve the creation of new plugins), but they will constitute additional services and may have additional cost.

In order to know WordPress plugins, this page can be visited

On the modalities of procurement of services

On this website, the USER will be able to procure Product and Subscription Plan services on demand, according to the published offer.

To access the exclusive benefits on WEBPRESS.CLUB, one needs to register through a Subscription Plan. This allows the USER to access discounts and other

Para acceder a los beneficios exclusivos de WEBPRESS.CLUB es necesario registrarse a través de un Plan de suscripción. Esto le permite al USUARIO acceder a descuentos y otras benefits according to the specific description of each service.

When acquiring a Subscription Plan, the USER becomes a MEMBER automatically. Starting then, he/she obtains at least a 25% discount in all our Products and at least 10% in all new Subcription Plans. The MEMBER might require to enter a coupon to access these benefits.

The USER maintains the MEMBER status as long as he is up to date with payments.

Recommendation Code

The MEMBER may request WEBPRESS.CLUB a Recommendation Code. This code will allow the MEMBER to recommend the services to other USERS so that they have access to the MEMBERS discount on their first Subscription Plan.

Final provisions

WEBPRESS.CLUB reserves the right to modify these Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

For any item that is not within this document, regulations issued in Argentina and specifically in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires govern.

For legal purposes, both sides are relegated to the bodies located in Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.