Standard Plan

$45.00 / month

= Pay $240 now, then $45 starting next month

✓ Website Design / Redesign with Wordpress
✓ Customized support Phone / Skype / Facetime / Whatsapp / Email / others
✓ Hosting + Domain maintenance (if you require it)
✓ Improvements and editions to your website
✓ ★ ­Bonus! (Social Networks Starter Plan included) Social networks posting, E.g. Facebook (Once a week or four times a month)

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✓ Included in this plan; × Not included in this plan

✓ Website Design / Redesign with WordPress
✓ Constant improvements and editions to your website: plugins, design
✓ Hosting + Domain maintenance (internal service), e.g .com/.org (if you require)
✓ Content improvement: SEO + Grammar and spelling
✓ Technical Emergency Support: (email, chat, and scheduled video-calls)
✓ Customized service: Consulting (1 to 3 videocalls / phone calls every month)
✓ Contact Form
× Customized forms, for collecting specific date from users
✓ ★ ­Bonus (Social Networks Starter Plan included): Social Network posting e.g. Facebook (once per week or four per month).
× Generic English/Spanish translation for your website (limited amount of words per month)
× Customized email with Zoho Mail. E.g.
✓ Paypal Donation Buttons
× Paypal products selling (Up to 6 products or 1 subscription)
× Online Shop for selling with several payment methods, subscriptions and recurring payments (E.g. monthly subscription)